Oolong Tea Benefits

Oolong Tea Benefits

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Oolong tea plantation
Oolong tea plantation

Oolong tea, due to its partially fermented structure, inherits the medicinal properties of both Green tea (un-fermented) and Black tea (fermented). It has been included as a major ingredient in Kou Tea as well, due to the many health benefits that Oolong tea possesses.

Oolong tea benefits have been discovered and used since the Tang dynasty (618 – 907), when this type of tea was first consumed by the people of the Fujian Province in China. The following health benefits of Oolong tea consumption have been documented and tried since its discovery and new ones are emerging with the advance of science:

Weight loss

Oolong contains polyphenol, a compound that is very effective in controlling the body’s metabolism of fat. By activating enzymes it can enhance the functions of the fat cells in the body. People with severe weight problems such as obesity are advised to consume Oolong tea on a daily basis in order to help with weight loss and to activate the fat burning properties of the body’s cells. The caffeine in this tea works in conjunction with the polyphenol to make the fat cells work harder, thus reducing overall body weight and fat index.

Free radical removal

Again, the polyphenol present in Oolong is an active ingredient for a healthy lifestyle. This compound acts as an antioxidant and eliminates free radicals present in the organism that can lead to affections like arthritis, diabetes, neurodegeneration, cancer, stroke, and many more.


Oolong tea is especially effective for people diagnosed with eczema. By drinking 3 cups of this tea a day, patients that suffer from eczema see results in less than a week. Again, the polyphenol present in this beverage has amazing properties and acts as an anti-allergen, relieving irritation from the skin.

Bone health

Full of antioxidants, this brew helps protect against tooth decay, helps prevent osteoporosis, strengthen the bone structure, and promote health growth. A number of independent and government-funded, long-term studies, have demonstrated that people who drink Oolong tea regularly, for long periods of time, are 90% less likely to suffer losses in Bone Mineral Density (BMD). It is thought that components present in this beverage help retain minerals from the food we consume and direct them to the bones.

Diabetes control

This tea is used as an addition to medication used to treat type-2 diabetic disorders. It has the property of regulating the amount of blood sugar and insulin that are in the bloodstream, so that the spikes and dips in the blood sugar levels can be managed and reduced. It works best in combination with other hypoglycemic drugs, and not used alone.

Cancer fighting properties

Again, the polyphenol present in this beverage acts as chemo-preventive instrument against the development of cancer growth in the body, especially in the stomach and skin. This compound hardens the activation of carcinogenic cells, prevents the formation of N-Nitroso compounds and acts against genotoxic agents in the organism.

Boosts mental health and performance

Oolong tea benefits are present in the mind and well as the body. The regular intake of caffeine rich tea helps the mind be alert throughout the day and can help increase mental performance.



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