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Who Are Capital Teas?

capital teas

Capital Teas is an American company founded in Annapolis, Maryland, in 2007. Since then, Capital Teas grew to become one of the leading retailers of tea in the USA, and is recognized for the quality of its products on an international scale. This company has expanded both online and through retail stores all over the US and in select international location, and thousands of people enjoy their products on a daily basis.

Capital Teas features a very wide selection of specialty teas. Both in the retail stores, and especially online, you can find over 200 premium, natural, and organic teas, including some unique blends developed by the company. You can also find Capital Tea products in fine dining establishments across the US and Europe. The online shop has been recognized as having one of the best specialty tea selections in the US.

All teas sold by Capital Tea are sourced from eco-friendly, sustainable plantations located all over the world. Most teas are harvested and shipped from Japan, India, and China, but a few varieties are sourced from Columbia, Taiwan and other parts of the world. Each package of tea features a “Country of Origin” section that is clearly visible.

A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee is offered on all orders, as well as Secure Online Transaction System in order to keep your personal information safe and build a risk-free shopping experience. You can keep track of your order online, through your Capital Teas account. Free Shipping is offered on all US domestic orders over 55$. Additionally, you will receive 3 Free Tea Samples with every order, no matter the value.

Capital Teas Ingredients

With over 200 types of specialty teas, Capital Teas offers a wide range of ingredients that go into making their products. All teas sold by this company are harvested from sustainable tea plantations all around the world, where the methods of growing and harvesting the plants are checked regularly, and the people are paid a fair price for their work. Most of the tea sold by Capital Teas is harvested in Japan, China, and India. You can find information about each tea’s ingredients and country or origin either online or directly on the packaging.

This company offers a wide range of Certified Organic teas. The seal found on the packaging of Capital Teas products are a guarantee that no synthetic pesticides, no sewage sludge, no herbicides, no fungicides, no growth hormones, no artificial fertilizers, no antibiotics, no GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and no radiation has ever had contact with the ingredients inside. This seal is proof that the product has met the strict standards needed for it to be certified 100% Organic.

Almost every variety of tea sold by Capital Tea is available as a Kosher product. This means that the way the tea is produced and packaged is in accordance with Jewish law and under the supervision of a rabbi. Every Kosher tea in the Capital Teas offer can be identified by the circled “u” or “k” logo. Kosher certification guarantees the product upholds a high standard of quality and purity. People of all faiths are welcome to try these high quality products. This certification does not affect the taste of the product, nor its health benefits.

All teas and infusions sold by Capital Teas, that come from the Camellia Sinensis plant, are Gluten Free. Also, every tea featured in the offer from this company are 100% Vegan.

Capital Teas Products

capital teas types

Capital Teas has a selection of over 200 teas grouped into 10 categories. Each category contains 100% Vegan, Gluten Free, Organic, and Kosher products. Most of the teas featured in this company’s offer are loose leaf, however there are some varieties offered in sachet form as well. In this article we will present just of few of the tea varieties sold by Capital Teas, but you can click here for the full range.

Black Tea

black teaBlack tea is the most popular form of tea consumed in North America. This company sells a wide variety of black teas, in loose leaf or sachet form. You can drink it hot or iced, and the caffeine levels in black tea will give you an energy boost, without the jitters.

  • Most black teas are harvested from China, Sri Lanka and India. The climate and cultivation techniques in these regions offer the best conditions for growing and processing this type of tea
  • Some black teas are smoked or fermented, for unique flavor profiles
  • Drinking black tea regularly can boost your immune system and help reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Click here for the full offer of Black Teas from Capital Teas

Pu-erh Tea

pu-erhPu-erh Tea is grown in the Yunnan province, in China. This type of tea is often aged for several years and are fermented twice during production, before being sold to the public. This process is done in order to boost the flavor profiles and enhance the medicinal properties of the tea.

  • This tea contains vitamins B1, B2 C and E, potassium, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, linoleic and linolenic acids
  • Gets better with age
  • Drinking Pu-erh tea can help reduce bad cholesterol
  • Click here for the full offer of Pu-erh Teas from Capital Teas

Oolong Tea

The Oolong tea sold by Capital Teas is cultivated in China and Taiwan. This tea is considered to be a balance between green and black tea. Oolong is a semi oxidized tea, with a full body and complex, light flavor profiles.

  • Made from freshly picked leaves that are semi oxidized in order to obtain a complex flavor
  • Contains less caffeine than black tea
  • Very high concentration of anti-oxidants that can help you lose weight and maintain a healthy immune system
  • Click here for the full offer of Oolong Teas from Capital Teas

Green Tea

green teaGreen tea is harvested from Japan and China. It is well-known for its extremely refreshing taste and soothing properties. Green teas are first steamed, then roasted, in order to prevent fermentation and stop the oxidation of the leaves.

  • High concentration of  polyphenols and antioxidants due to the method of harvesting and processing
  • Low in caffeine
  • Regular consumption of this type of tea reduces the risk of some forms of cancer and also boosts the immune system
  • Click here for the full offer of Green Teas from Capital Teas

white teaWhite Tea

The White teas sold by Capital Teas are made using only the freshest, and youngest shoots from each season. This type of tea is unprocessed, making it the freshest type of tea available, and low in caffeine as well.

  • Cultivated in the Fujian Province, in China, the tea capital of the World
  • Low in caffeine
  • Contains potassium, calcium, and other essential minerals
  • Delicate taste
  • Click here for the full offer of White Teas from Capital Teas

Why Choose Capital Teas?

The most important aspect you need to take into consideration when choosing any tea is its Ingredients. Only USDA Certified Organic ingredients are used in making Capital Teas blends. This ensures the highest degree of quality and the purest taste you can get out of the tea leaves. All Capital teas products are 100% Organic, GMO free, and contain no preservatives, no artificial colorants, no pesticides and artificial flavors. This company has also certified that all products sold are vegan, and most of the products come in a Kosher version as well.

Capital Teas offers complete nutritional and provenance information on all of their products, both online and directly on the packaging. Additionally, each package contains instructions on how to brew the teas, adapted to the specific properties of each individual blend.

The organic ingredients are sourced from all over the world, and the tea blends are designed by artisan tea makers. By using whole tea leaves, Capital Tea have made sure that the look, fragrance, and taste in each cup are living up to their full potential. Each blend is worked on by specialists that consider tea a form of functional art, and strive to get the most out of it: nutritionally and visually.

A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee is offered on all orders from this company, regardless of product. Simply return the product within the mentioned time interval if you are not satisfied, and you will get a full refund, no questions asked. Capital Teas uses a Secure Online Payment Method for all of its transactions in order to keep your personal information safe. In addition to this, you can benefit from Free Shipping for orders over 55$.

Are Capital Teas Products Safe?

The answer is YES. All products manufactured and sold by Capital Tea are made from 100% organic ingredients and with certified methods that are up to date. The ingredients are printed on each package. If you are known to be allergic to any of the ingredients, please consult your physician.

Capital Tea uses only tried and tested ingredients that come from certified sources all around the world. Premium ingredients that compose premium tea blends are sold both on the website and in the retail stores. If you are in any way unsatisfied with the products, you can simply return them within 30 days of purchase and you will get a full refund. Thousands of satisfied customers around the world have written testimonies about the teas they bought from Capital Teas directly on the manufacturer’s website.

Capital Teas Advantages

  • Certified Organic Products
  • Sourced from Sustainable Plantations 
  • USDA Certified
  • 200 Varieties of Premium Tea
  • All Teas 100% Vegan
  • Most Teas Come in Kosher Form
  • Loose Leaf and Sachet Packaging
  • One of the Top Tea Retailers in the USA
  • Free US Shipping For Orders Over 55$
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Speedy Delivery
  • Secure Online Payment
  • 3 Free Tea Samples with Every Order
  • Easy to Track Orders

Where to Buy Capital Teas

Capital Teas products can be ordered online, directly from the Official Manufacturer’s Website.  By ordering directly from the source, you can avoid extra taxes from resellers and benefit from the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee offered by the manufacturer. You can also benefit from the high number of limited offers found on the website. Capital Teas is using a secure online payment method that protects your personal information and is fast and easy to use.The Capital Tea website contains a number of special and limited offers on a wide range of products, from tea blends to teaware, and you can benefit from these by ordering online.

Click on the picture for the full offer of bestselling teas and teaware available at Capital Teas.

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Capital is the perfect choice for people looking for quality Certified Organic Teas, harvested directly from the best locations all over the world. Each product will help you achieve your health goals in a risk-free and tasty way!
Click on the link below to place an order from the Official Manufacturer’s Website, and you will benefit from a Secure Online Transaction, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and speedy shipping, as well as special offers on pricing. Get your order in today and experience what millions of other satisfied customers have!

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