Tea detox

Tea Detox for Summer

Tea for Skin

Your skin is the most exposed organ of your body, and it has to be taken care of especially in the summer when the sun affects on a daily basis, and you can do this easily by following the tea detox treatment we have prepared for you!

The following methods for a complete tea detox for this summer will have your skin looking and feeling good and at the same time protected from the sun and toxins in the air.

Tea Detox for summer

Tea Detox Tips

  1. Green Tea mud mask

    Mud masks pull toxins out of your skin, unclog pores, revitalize and purify the area on which they are applied. In order to make them summer-ready, use green tea instead of water when preparing the mud mask. Simply buy your favorite mud mask and brew a cup of green tea in order to prepare it to be applied to the face. The tea will infuse the mud with antioxidants and nutrients and will help protect your skin this summer.

  2. Drink White Tea

    An important part of any detox is to stay hydrated at all times. For this, white tea is perfect because it is an unprocessed product and is packed with antioxidants that are perfect for your skin. Drink this tea daily, especially in the hot summer days in order to stay cool, hydrated and for it to work its magic o your skin. You will feel lighter and your skin will feel softer and regain elasticity after a short period of drinking this tea. You can add lemon to this drink in order to help with digestion and further flush toxins from the body.

  3. Kou Tea steam

    Kou tea is great for  cleansing the face through a hot steam. Simply boil some KouTea and pour in a bowl. Soak a small towel in the tea and place on your face. Lie down and relax in order to allow the tea infused steam to open your pores and get rid of the toxins.

  4. Exfoliate

    Eliminate the dead skins cells and encourage the development of new and healthy ones by exfoliating. Exfoliate 4 times a week during the hotter months with Oolong Tea scrubs in order to get the full skin benefits of this treatment.

  5. Cleansing Pu-erh Tea bath

    Draw yourself a hot bath in the evening and add Pu-erh tea in raw form or in teabags and let them soak for about 15 minutes. You can leave them in or remove them as you wish. This tea will help your skin get rid of the impurities resulted through daily activities and start over fresh.

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