Sunburn tea

Sunburn Tea Treatment

Tea for Skin

Sunburn is a form of radiation burn that living tissue can suffer from if it is overexposed to UV radiation from the sun, and can be easily treated with a simple sunburn tea treatment that can help with the pain and regeneration of the skin.

If your skin is exposed to a high amount of UV radiation from the sun, there is a greater risk of non-malignant skin tumors to develop. The first layer of protection against the sun is to wear adequate clothing and apply sunscreen when spending time in the sun. Moderate sun tanning can also help you prevent sunburn.

Sunburn Tea Treatment

Aloe vera gel and lidocaine are thought to be the most effective ways to treat sunburn. However, you can benefit from an effective, fast, and easy to make sunburn tea treatment right at home if you do not have access to a pharmacy. Today we will show you how to make this effective sunburn tea remedy at home, and sooth your skin after a hot and sunny day.

Sunburn tea kou tea

You will need
  • Bathtub
  • Pitcher
  • Water
  • Clean and soft rag
  • Kou Tea (3 bags)
How to make

Fill a bathtub with warm water and add the teabags to it. Add the KouTea teabags (you can also use black tea) to the water and let them steep for about 15 minutes, mixing them from time to time. Let the water cool down.

How to apply

Undress in order to expose the affected area. Soak the rag into the tea/water mixture in your bathtub and place it on your skin. It is important that you do not rub or wipe your skin with the rag. Simply tap the skin with so that the tea can gently cover the affected area. You need to do apply this sunburn tea treatment to you skin as soon as possible, in order for the soothing properties of the tea to take effect on the skin.

This tea acts in softening your skin and reduce the irritation from the sunburn. It also relieves the itching cause by the UV rays and helps the skin regenerate. Repeat the treatment for 3-4 consecutive days so your skin can regenerate and you can get rid of all the sunburn symptoms and effects.

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