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Frostbite Tea

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Mild first degree frostbite on face
Mild first degree frostbite on face

Frostbite is a common affection in cold regions and in the wintertime. It is a response from the body generated in order to preserve its temperature, leaving the extremities with less and less blood at it channels it to the core in order to protect the vital organs.

If the blood level is low in those areas for a short time, the skin and tissue will begin to take damage and eventually die. Frostbite is divided into 4 grades depending on the severity of the damage it produces to the body. First degree frostbite only affects the surface of the skin, while fourth degree causes the skin and tissue beneath it to die.


When frost bite begins to install, you will have an itchy and painful sensation in the affected area. The skin will become pale and you will experience burning and numbness in it. As it moves to second or third degree, the frostbite will cause blisters to appear on the skin as it freezes up completely. The tissue under the skin begins to freeze, causing extensive and irreparable damage, leading to amputations.


In case of first and second degree frostbite, re-warming the affected areas will usually take care of the problem and do away with the discomfort. But warming the area is not always an option in second and third degree frostbite, and herbal remedies can step in and aid in the healing process. The last option is surgery and amputation, in case of severe third and forth degree bite.

The following frostbite tea remedies are a natural, effective and efficient treatment for first and second degree skin injuries caused by the cold.

Chamomile frostbite tea
Chamomile frostbite tea

Chamomile tea

Being and effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory, chamomile can can relieve itching, redness and pain from the skin, reducing the discomfort of frostbite. Brew a pot of chamomile tea and soak a clean piece of cloth in it while still warm. Apply to the injured area 4 times a day for a soothing effect.



Calendula tea for frostbite
Calendula tea for frostbite

Calendula tea

Calendula flowers are known for their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that they have on the skin and nervous system. The tea brewed from these flowers can be drank and applied externally, on the wounds. Drink 2 cups of calendula frostbite tea a day and place a cloth dipped in the tea on the frostbitten area 3 – 4 times a day for 4 days.


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