Yarrow plant in wilderness


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Dried Yarrow leaves and flowers
Dried Yarrow leaves and flowers

Yarrow is a flowering plant from the  Asteraceae family. It is native to regions with temperate climates such as Europe, Asia, and North America. This plant has a been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years and is, to this day, included in herbal treatments. It can be recognized by the small, highly segmented leaves and white flowers/lavender flowers that can be found on top of the stalk.


Medicinal Uses of Yarrow

The flowers and leaves of this herb are known for their medicinal uses. They are harvested while in bloom and are used after being dried.  Yarrow contains flavonoids – natural compounds that act to actively increase stomach acid in order to improve digestion. As a treatment for menstrual cramps, products that contain extract from this plant has been proven to be very effective. Yarrow is also a main ingredient in Cleanse Tea, and in collaboration with Cleavers and Senna leaf, acts to form a great tea for maintaining a healthy digestive tract.

This herb is especially good for children, as it acts in a subtle and mild way for seasonal affections. It is used for treating and shortening the duration of cold, relieving fevers, and induces a calm state during illness. Tea made from this plant is also a great treatment for cramps associated with hormones or menstrual pain. Extract from Yarrow is used in skin creams as it helps with itching and rashes.

Uses of Yarrow:

  • Helps increase stomach acidity
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Induces a calmed state
  • Causes sweating, perfect for breaking fevers
  • Powerful detoxifier that eliminates toxins through the skin
  • Tea made from this herb helps with calming symptoms of allergies
  • Tinctures can help in treating hemorrhoids, broken skin and rashes

One of the best ways to benefit from the amazing properties of this herb is by ingesting it in tea form. The dried flowers and leaves are used to make a tasty tea that also improves your overall health. The recommended dosage of tea is 2 cups per day.

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