Birch tree forest


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Dried birch leaves
Dried birch leaves

Birch is a deciduous hardwood tree that belongs to the Betula genus, in the Betulaceae family. This tree grows on all continents, especially in regions with acidic soils. They are considered a  pioneer species, spreading quickly over open grown when planted.

The parts of this plant used in traditional and modern medicine are the leaves and bark. The bark is used for extracting oil by pressing, and the leaves are typically used to make tinctures and teas.

Medicinal uses

Birch leaf is used as a tonic in order to provide nutrients to the organism. It has anti-bacterial properties and it can keep bacterial growth in check. Extract from these leaves can also be used as a diuretic when bowel inflammation is present. Tincture extracted from these is known to be effective at treating antibiotic-resistant infections. The tea made from the leaves can also be effective in healing rashes and blemishes on this skin.

The bark from this tree can be used to make a pain relieving tea, as it contains methyl salicylate which acts as a natural aspirin. This tea can also be used as a mild sedative to help in cases of insomnia. Sap collected from the bark can be used in shampoo and hair tonic.

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