Cannabidiol – What It Is and Medical Uses

What is Cannabidiol? Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a compound that is derived from cannabis. It has a variety of medical benefits, without the psychoactive effects of the THC […]



Ginseng is a perennial plant that belongs to the Panax genus of the Araliaceae family. It is found in North America and eastern Asia, where is is cultivated on massive plantations. The root […]

cleavers herb in wild


Cleavers (aka Galium aparine) is an annual plant from the  Rubiaceae family. It is widely spread around the world and is thought to be native to North America. This plant has a long […]

Senna plant in bloom


Senna is a flowering plant of the Fabaceae plant family. It is native to the tropical region, however, it includes about 350 species that are spread throughout the Globe. This […]

Rosemary plant


Rosemary is a perennial herb with evergreen needle-shaped leaves and colored flowers (pink, white, purple). It is a fragrant herb that is native to the Mediterranean region. The leaves of this […]

Lavender plants


Lavender is a plant native to the mountainous terrain around the Mediterranean, where the sun is abundant and the habitat is composed mostly of stones. Nowadays, it grows throughout Europe, Australia […]